Bab Al-Sama Maftuh (Door to the Sky) + Discussion Event

Farida Benlyazid | Morocco 1989 | 1h47m | Moroccan Arabic and French with English subtitles | 15

Bab Al-Sama Maftuh (Door to the Sky) + Discussion

Upon learning her father is dying, Nadia, a Moroccan émigré to France returns to Fes to say goodbye to him. At her father’s funeral, she hears a voice chanting the Qu’ran and develops a friendship with the woman singing it. As the friendship between the two women grows, Nadia is inspired to turn the house she has inherited from her father into a shelter for Muslim women. A beautifully told story that combines spirituality with social and economic concerns in Morocco, Door to the Sky interrogates the power of return and rediscovery.

We’re delighted to present this new restoration of the film, funded and instigated by the Transnational Moroccan Cinema Project at the University of Exeter. Read more about this process on our blog.

This screening is presented with a pre-recorded discussion about the film, which will be available to watch here on our website and on our Facebook and Vimeo pages from 6pm on Saturday 28 November.